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Dolakha sets an example of reconstruction completion

Dolakha, September 17: The completion of reconstruction of infrastructures damaged in the 2015 earthquake has been announced from Singati of Dolakha district from where the process of providing the government grant for reconstruction began.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali made the announcement of the completion of reconstruction of private housing amidst a function organized in Singati today.

CEO Gyewali had led a team to Singati and signed an agreement with Jagat Bahadur Khatri as the first recipient of the government grant of Rs. 300,000 on March 13, 2016. Then the process of providing the grant gained momentum after that.

As per the data available till today, 66,261 private houses have been reconstructed which is 96 percent of the beneficiaries who have signed the grant agreement. Rs. 20 billion 314.8 million have been spent on rebuilding the private houses in the district.

Addressing the announcement ceremony, CEO Gyewali expressed satisfaction on being able to announce the completion of the private housing reconstruction from the place where it all began. He said that the reconstruction was possible due to the provision of giving the grant in installments. NRA provided Rs. 300,000 in three installments – Rs. 50,000 as the signing amount, Rs. 150,000 after the completion of plinth level and Rs. 100,000 after the roofing of the house.

He also said that the success of reconstruction has shown that it is possible to build a disaster resilient Nepal.

Mission Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Sepideh Keyvanshad praised the NRA and the government of Nepal for successfully completing the post-earthquake reconstruction and shed light on the American people’s support in the process.

Chief engineer of the NRA’s District Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) Arjun Tamang said that the reconstruction was possible with everyone’s participation despite many problems in the beginning. The reconstruction in Dolakha has been successful and has managed to rebuild infrastructures which we can be proud of, he said.

Vice chair of Bigu Rural Municipality Sanjib Oli said that though we had not expected to complete the reconstruction soon, people have managed to rebuild private houses, schools, health posts, road and heritage sites. He thanked all who actively contributed in the rebuilding process as it has now helped improve services and facilities.

Vice chair of Kalinchowk Rural Municipality Kalika Pathak said that the people got to live in safe houses due to the effective role played by the NRA. She thanked the government, donors, political parties, non-governmental organizations and the people at large for their contribution in making the rebuilding process successful.

Executive Director of National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) Nepal Surya Narayan Shrestha was of the opinion that reconstruction of more than 90 percent of private houses is a very good example of success. He also said that the reconstruction process has helped improve physical infrastructures, generation of skilled human resources, people’s livelihood and has created awareness on various aspects of disasters, including earthquake.

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