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Sindhupalchowk gets plush school buildings with Chinese assistance of Rs 1 billion

Sindhupalchowk: The earthquake-ravaged Ratna Rajya Secondary School of Sindhupalchowk has got three newly-built blocks and other infrastructures worth Rs 1 billion with the financial support from the Chinese government. The light maroon buildings with a total of 137 rooms set up against the backdrop of scenic mountains to the north make the school arguably the “costliest ” community school in the country. To the south of the school flows Bhramayani River. The new look of the school has left teachers and students awestruck. 

"I had never ever thought of this even in the wildest of my dreams. It is awesome," said Rishiram Poudel, a teacher at the school for the last 16 years. "I have not seen these many facilities. Even private schools don't have such good buildings," he added. He is into teaching for the last 34 years. 

The old building of the school was a dilapidated structure. And that too got hit by the devastating earthquake of April 2015. Students and teachers did not come to school for a long time. Later, a few makeshift huts were erected for running the school. 

"Then, we heard that the Chinese government was interested to build new buildings for us. But I had not imagined such a wonderful structures were in the making," an elated Poudel said. 

Chinese workers and supervisors worked hard right before the eyes of Poudel. However it was much later that Poudel got an idea that they were 'indeed coming up with impressive buildings'. 

"The buildings have canteen, library, halls for indoor games and so on. Everything is awesome," said Poudel. 

According to Rishi Thapa, vice principal of the school, the new look of the school is a surprise gift for everyone. Everything around looks great, he said. 

"From the choice of the color to the designs of the smallest units of the buildings are outstanding," Thapa said. "Now it's a huge challenge for us to maintain the quality of these structures," he added. 

The administrative block of the school has 52 computers. Similarly, the library and science labs are well equipped. Solar system supplies power round the clock. And many more modern facilities are available in the school. According to Thapa, the school will try its best to excel in academics too. 

It took two and half years for the Chinese government to build the structures.


By Dhruba Dangal in Republica - January 9, 2020

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