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Reconstruction of Pachli Bhairav Temple begins

Kathmandu: The reconstruction of Pachali Bhairav Temple in Teku, Kathmandu has started. The mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Bidya Sundar Shakya, laid the foundation of the reconstruction work on August 4. The responsibility of the reconstruction work has been given to Namobuddha Builders Pvt Ltd.

According to Mayor Shakya, Rs. 8.95 million has been allocated for the reconstruction project as part of the campaign to protect and promote all heritage sites within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and link them with tourism. He also said the role of the local government, provincial government, federal government, and Guthis is very important in protecting the heritage sites.

According to Shakya, there are four world heritage sites in Kathmandu. He called out all the concerned parties to focus on the protection of heritage sites. He also said that the locals should pay special attention to the protection of the world heritage sites as many tourists from around the world come to see them.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been giving priority to the reconstruction work of the properties which were damaged by the earthquake in 2015. The provincial government of Bagmati has allocated Rs. 30 million for the purpose in the current fiscal year.

The local government has stated that the work of conserving the heritage sites within the City of Kathmandu has been taken forward with the help of locals and all three levels of government.

Myrepublica.com – August 4, 2021

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