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Study on urban recovery strategy continues

The Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (HRRP) is continuing the ongoing urban recovery strategy study to delve on various urban reconstruction issues.

The study has been commissioned by the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) with technical support of the National Society for Earthquake Technology Nepal (NSET) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

An independent consultant team led by lead consultant, Surya Bhakta Sangachhe, an expert on urban issues, is conducting the study. The objective of the study is to collate learning elements and prepare ground for integration of evidence-based urban strategies into specific government acts, policies, working procedures and regulations.

As part of the study, various high-level events, such as the consultative meeting and validation team meetings were held in April which was organized by the Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) of the NRA with necessary support from CRS, NSET, UKAID and HRRP.  

The NRA held a review meeting on May 31 which took stock of the progress made so far by the study in the past few months. NRA Executive Committee Member Dr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha chaired the meeting and members of the validation team, consultant team and study team members participated.

At the meeting, the consultant team presented the progress made so far in the study progress five expert members of the validation team expressed their views. Dr. Shrestha then closed the meeting giving necessary guidance in the road ahead to complete the study.

The consultant team will aim to submit a draft report by June. After the final report is submitted to the NRA, a wider large-scale meeting will be held. The final report will be made public during the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) which is slated to be held in December 2021.

The consultant/study team continues to collate information, data and drafting the report sections while holding Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with urban stakeholders, local governments, among others. As of the third week of June, of the planned KIIIs (of 15), 9 KIIs have been completed while others are in the pipeline for next few weeks and the KII schedule has been understandably impacted due to the second wave of the pandemic as well as local level FY budget preparation period. 

In addition to the previous six KIIs, 3 new KII were held this month with Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Microfinance Bankers’ Association (NMBA), Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) and Conservationist Rabindra Puri. Together with the KIIs, an analysis of issues coming out from these interviews is being done by the study team. Likewise, desk review of the NRA’s 22 policies and guidelines is also being carried out.

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