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More than 62 thousand delisted from beneficiary list

Kathmandu, July 23 : The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has removed names of those who have not signed grant agreement for private housing reconstruction before July 06, 2019 from the private housing reconstruction beneficiary list.


Likewise, those who have signed the agreement but have not taken their first tranche by July 16, 2019 have also been removed from the beneficiary list.


According to the NRA, 57,309 did not sign grant agreement although they were in the beneficiary list. Altogether, 769,624 beneficiaries out of total 826,933 beneficiaries have signed the grant agreement as of today.


Likewise, 5,540 beneficiaries did not take the first tranche even after signing the grant agreement.


Deputy Spokesperson of the NRA Manohar Ghimire said that the names of those who have not signed the grant agreements on time, and those who have signed the agreement but have not taken their first tranche within the given deadline have now been removed from the list as per the decision of the NRA.


The NRA had given a deadline of July 6, 2019 to sign the grant agreement to the beneficiaries who were included in the beneficiary list before June 15, 2019. Likewise, it had given the deadline of July 16, 2019 to take the first tranche to those who had already signed the grant agreement.


The NRA has already directed all agencies to stop signing the grant agreement with those who have not signed the agreement yet, and to stop giving first tranche to those who have not taken their first tranche.


However, the NRA has given the option of appeal to those who will now be de-listed from the beneficiary list. They can submit an application with justification at the local government and the NRA will take necessary decision by looking into their application.


Deputy Spokesperson Ghimire said, however, the grant agreement and release of the first tranche will be continued for those who were listed in the reconstruction beneficiary list after June 15, 2019 through the appeal process and for the vulnerable groups.


The NRA has been requesting beneficiaries to sign the grants agreement on time and to complete the reconstruction of their private houses.

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