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NRA to complete main reconstruction work by December

Kathmandu, August 5: Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali has said that the post-earthquake reconstruction works implemented by the NRA is coming to an end and all the main works will be completed within the NRA tenure that ends on December 25 this year.

CEO Gyewali said this while presenting the progress report of the NRA at the Development and Technology Committee of the federal parliament today.

He informed the parliamentary committee that the appellate committee would continue to look into the application for inclusion in the government grant beneficiaries’ list, but they would now be handed over to the concerned agencies as there is no time for last-minute technical monitoring.

During the discussion, parliamentarians of the committee said that there has been significant progress in post-earthquake reconstruction despite the Covid-19 pandemic and availability of limited resources.

Member of Parliament Yagyaraj Sunuwar praised the construction of beautiful settlements and grand school buildings during the reconstruction and asked the NRA to complete the remaining works within its tenure.

MP Ganesh Pahadi expressed satisfaction over the guarantee of house reconstruction for almost 13,000 landless beneficiaries and said that it would be appropriate to handover the remaining works of rebuilding private houses to the local governments.

Parliamentarians Kedar Sigdel and Bina Kumari Shrestha said that the experience of constructing of integrated settlements would help build safe settlements in the future and it would also help realize the policy of proper land use.

MPs Tek Bahadur Basnet and Gajendra Mahat suggested to formulate plans to manage, implement and maintain the reconstructed structures.

Chair of the committee Kalyani Khadka lauded the NRA for fulfilling its responsibility and asked it to carry out reconstruction to get maximum benefits within its tenure.

As per the progress report presented by the NRA CEO, 866,160 beneficiaries have been identified and 829,667 beneficiaries (95.78%) have signed an agreement for the government’s private housing grant of Rs. 300,000.

Out of those who have signed an agreement, 99.89% has received the first installment of Rs. 50,000, 90.45% has received the second installment of Rs. 150,000 and 84.77% beneficiaries have received the third and final installment of Rs. 100,000.

The NRA has also made significant progress in resurrecting public infrastructures, as 88% of the schools has been reconstructed while 64.52% health institutions, 63.70% archaeological heritages, 93.49% government buildings and all the security sector buildings have also been reconstructed.

Out of 664 kilometers road at the local level, 66% has been completed while 88 percent of 100 kilometers of strategic road has been reconstructed. Similarly, out of 15 bridges needed to reconstructed, 9 have been rebuilt while there has been 50 percent progress in rest of the 6 under-construction bridges.

At the parliamentary meeting, NRA Secretary Sushil Chandra Tiwari, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the NRA Bhagwan Aryal and Directors of Central Level Project Implementation Units Ganesh Raj Wasti, Shyam Kishor Singh and Ram Sharan Sapkota were present.

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