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Urban Recovery Strategy Study to improve plans and policies

Kathmandu: The Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (HRRP) is soon completing a study on the recovery and reconstruction of houses in the urban areas.

As commissioned by the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the HRRP is carrying out the study to collate learning elements and prepare ground for integration of evidence-based urban strategies into specific government acts, policies, working procedures and regulation.

The National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the UK Aid and HRRP are providing the technical support for the study which has been carried out from March to September this year.

The study is now approaching its final report stage with the completion of all qualitative and quantitative assessments, and consultative meetings as well as key informant Interviews (KIIs), data analysis among others, according to HRRP bulletin. During the last week of May, a study progress review meeting was organized by the NRA. The consultant team in late June prepared the draft report and was subsequently submitted to the NRA in the first week of July, for review and feedback.

In early August, a study progress update meeting was held at the NRA on the draft report submitted by the study team, for NRA’s guidance, review and overall feedback to the consultant/study team.

Around late August, the study team submitted the final draft version report to the NRA for comments. Following the commenting period, a validation team meeting will be organized for finalization. After finalization of the report, a dissemination workshop will be organized by the NRA.

The final report will be included in the NRA’s upcoming International Conference on Nepal ’s Reconstruction (ICNR) scheduled to be held in December 2021.

Economic Impact Study
Meanwhile, the HRRP is also leading the Economic Impact Study executed by a team of independent consultants. The quantitative survey for the study was completed in late June 2021 where a total of 72% of the targeted 6,600 survey households responded to survey questions. 

The study is now approaching its final report stage. As of 18 August 2021, major progress updates of the study include completion of all qualitative and quantitative assessment. Data cleaning, coding, and detection of outlier data has also been completed and validated from the expert team.
Lately, a new timeline has been finalized for the study’s report completion, publication and dissemination of the report. It will be disseminated at the upcoming ICNR.

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