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Senior citizen Maharjan is set to get new house

Kuma Maharjan’s wish to live in a new house is finally coming true. A senior citizen, Kuma with his brother has been living in a temporary shelter since the 2015 earthquake damaged his house in Ward no. 6 of Dakshinkali Municipality in Kathmandu.

Kuma had received the first tranche of the Government private housing grant but due to a weak economic condition, he could not even demolish his old damaged house.

Almost a year ago, Kuma’s house was dismantled as per the approved sub-project of the District Level Project Implementation Unit (Grant Management and Local Infrastructure), DLPIU-GMaLI, of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA). This is a part of Environment and Social Management plan under the Environment and Social Management Framework on dismantling damaged houses and management of debris about 300m away (site recommended by the Ward Office).

In addition, Ward Office also took responsibility for constructing a two-roomed load bearing brick and cement mortar masonry structure within the Rs. 300,000 grant provided by the Government for housing reconstruction.

However, even after the demolition of the old house, the reconstruction had not started. Now, with the completion of all necessary municipal procedures, including the building permit, the construction of Kuma’s house began amidst the Covid-19 lockdown.

Under the technical supervision of the focal engineer, the team of eight mobile masons and two social mobilizers deployed by the NRA has started the reconstruction work. They have so far completed the foundation. The team plans to complete and hand over the house to Kuma before the coming monsoon.

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