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20 feet wall erected at Rato Machhindranath temple in Bungamati

Lalitpur: The construction of 20 feet wall around the Rato Machhindranath temple in Bungamati has been completed. The construction finally began after arranging necessary wood.

The reconstruction of this historic temple has been hampered due to unavailability of suitable wood and bricks and also due to the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The 64 feet 4 inches tall wall needs to be erected to complete the reconstruction of the temple, according to Amir Shakya, Chairperson of the Machhindranath Temple Users’ Committee. Above that, there will be 6 feet tall Gajur, a pinnacle, making it 70 feet 4 inches from where the idol will be installed.

“We have managed to erect pole of 20 stones of 16X16 inches and adjoining poles of 34 feet 4 inches of 14X14 inches ,” Shakya said. “The reconstruction will continue after we manage to gather 11 different types of bricks necessary to install on the 20 feet wall.”

He also said that they have been facing difficulties in collecting 10 percent of the fund that was initially planned to collected from the people’s participation. The locals are currently working with the Department of Archaeology in rebuilding this historic temple.

The temple is believed to have been constructed some 1,500 years ago in Shikhar style. Though the current reconstruction of the temple, which was brought down by the April 2015 earthquake, was supposed to be completed within the last fiscal year, it got delayed due to unavailability of necessary construction material and the pandemic.

From setopati.com – July 22, 2021

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