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DFID helps in retrofitting in Makwanpur


The Department for International Development (DFID) of the UKaid has been providing support in retrofitting houses damaged in the April 2015 earthquake.

One such house, in this picture, belongs to Ek Bahadur Sikari, 42, of Bhimphedi, Makwanpur. The house was partially damaged. Ek Bahadur and his family of six have lived here for many years. Although the earthquake didn’t bring it down, their stone and mortar home was unfit to live in.

Ek Bahadur couldn't afford to build a new house. Beside the government's housing grant, it would cost an additional Rs. 500,000. The retrofitting option suited him the best. Adding only Rs. 100,000 to the grant, he retrofitted his old home to live in it with his family.

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