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CEO Gyewali begins second inning at NRA


The newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali took charge at the NRA office at Singha Durbar on August 16 with a vow to speed up the post-earthquake reconstruction and meet the given target.

“After reviewing the work being done till now, we will move ahead with a new work plan to meet the target, especially focusing on the reconstruction of private housing,” CEO Gyewali addressed the NRA staffs and media persons. “We will move ahead with a concrete work plan.”

Recalling his initial days at the NRA, Gyewali said that a lot of hard work had been put to formulate the basis of the Authority. “We will now move on with new vigor and zeal by learning from past experiences.”

He also said that this year will be a memorable year for the reconstruction, as the NRA would speed up the reconstruction by actively mobilizing the local population through the local governments.

The government had appointed Gyewali as the CEO of the NRA through the cabinet meeting on August 14.

As soon as the new CEO took charge, he has been holding series of meetings with concerned departments to get briefings on the latest activities under the NRA.

CEO Gyewali held discussions with the Director General of the Department of Archeology (DoA) Bhesh Narayan Dahal and other high ranking officials of the Department to review the reconstruction of various heritage sites destroyed in the April 2015 earthquake.

According to the DoA, out of the 753 heritage sites damaged in the earthquake, 494 of them have been preserved and 185 of them already been rebuilt.

CEO Gyewali stressed on the need to retrofit the sites as far as possible while Dahal requested the NRA chief to facilitate the process to solve the existing problems in heritage reconstruction.

Earlier, CEO Gyewali held briefing meetings with the project directors of three Central Level Project Implementation Units looking after the education, housing and grant management and local infrastructure. He also acquired information from the heads of various departments within the NRA.

Five integrated settlements planned

Meanwhile, the CEO called a meeting of the NRA Executive Committee on August 22 to review the ongoing activities. The meeting approved the initial planning to build integrated settlements in five places of Sindhupalchowk, Ramechhap and Kavrepalanchowk districts.

As per the planning, an integrated settlement of 40 houses will be built in Kharkadanda, Ward no. 2 of Helambu Rural Municipality in Sindhupalchowk while 70 houses will be built in Namdolling, Ward no. 12 of Melamchi Municipality in the same district. Similarly, another settlement of 10 houses is also planned for the same district in Tyangthali, Ward no. 5 of Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality.   

The NRA Executive Committee meeting also approved to build integrated settlement in Majhi Basti Gaikhura, Ward no. 8 of Manthali Municipality in Ramechhap.

The meeting also decided to build a Tamang settlement with homestay facilities in Tindhara, Ward no. 10 of Mandandeupur Municipality in Kavrepalanchowk.

NRA to have 4,417 staff in three CLPIUs

The same NRA Executive Committee meeting also approved the number of staff to be deputed in three Central Level Project Implementation Units (CLPIUs) – 463 for Education, 3,250, including engineers, for Housing and 704 for Grant Management and Local Infrastructure.

Reconstruction of Monasteries

CEO Sushil Gyewali reiterated NRA’s commitment to rebuild the destroyed monasteries in various quake-affected districts.

CEO Gyewali held an interaction with the members of federal parliament and other concerned officials to the latest situation of reconstruction of the monasteries. He told the meeting that the NRA had not been able to give adequate attention to the reconstruction of monasteries as it had focused on private housing reconstruction.

He said that the NRA would reconstruct the monasteries as per the suggestions given by the concerned stakeholders by maintaining the originality of the heritage. He also informed that the NRA would involve the local governments in rebuilding the monasteries.

Altogether, 896 monasteries have been listed for reconstruction in the quake-affected districts after the NRA studied 1,320 monasteries in 28 districts. 

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