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Private housing grant deadline extended till mid-November

Kathmandu, July 2: The Executive Committee meeting of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has requested all the beneficiaries who have not been able to rebuild their houses due to various reasons to work towards completing their houses and receive the third and final tranche of the government’s private housing grant by mid-November this year.

The meeting held today called upon all the reconstruction and retrofitting beneficiaries to register their applications at the concerned local governments.

The applicants will have to fill up a commitment form prepared by the NRA. They will also have to abide by the criteria and deadline set by the NRA for the reconstruction of their houses. They will also need to present the concerned ward offices’ recommendation.

Then the district offices of the NRA will facilitate signing the agreement or provide remaining tranche as per the decision of the district facilitation committee.

The meeting has also decided to release the remaining installment of the housing grant to those beneficiaries who agree to improve the already-rebuilt houses as per the recommendations given by the concerned technician meeting the private housing criteria set by the NRA.

These beneficiaries will have to sign a commitment form to claim the construction completion certificate from the local government after making improvements as per the recommendations of the technicians. They will have to ready to face action from the NRA and the local government if they fail to abide by the criteria after receiving the grant.

The Executive Committee meeting has also requested landless beneficiaries and beneficiaries living in vulnerable areas who have not been able to buy land due to various reasons to complete land acquisition work by mid-September. These beneficiaries will also have to rebuild their houses to receive the grant within mid-November.

Earlier, the NRA Steering Committee meeting chaired by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had extended the current structure and work procedure of the NRA until mid-November from the current deadline of mid-July to complete the reconstruction of remaining houses.

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