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Local governments vow to support reconstruction


Kathmandu, October 9: Representatives of Municipality Association and Federation of Rural Municipalities have vowed to assist in the government’s efforts to rebuild after the earthquake.

At a meeting held today at the NRA, the representatives assured the NRA Chief Executive Officer that the local governments would step forward to assist as the post-earthquake reconstruction is the government’s top priority.

Chairperson of Municipality Association and Mayor of Dhulikhel Municipality Ashok Kumar Byanju said that as the process of distributing the government grant is too long, the responsibilities of distributing the grant should be given to the local governments. 

He also said that instead of just mobilizing the technical manpower through the local governments, the latter should be given the right to nominate them too, as it would help monitoring and recommending process effective. He also requested the NRA to provide all social and technical services at the local governments.

Chairperson of the Federation of Rural Muncipalities and Jugal Rural Municipality Hom Narayan Shrestha said that lack of necessary manpower at the local government has slowed down the reconstruction process. Welcoming the provision to provide subsidized loan to those who have not been able to rebuild their houses, Shrestha said this facility should also be given to those who have already received the second and third instalments of the government grant. He also requested the NRA to give last opportunity to present the grievances who have been left out of the process.

CEO Gyewali said that the local governments have been given more responsibilities to promote their active involvement in the reconstruction. Informing that the NRA is soon sending senior engineers at the local governments to monitor purposes, Gyewali said that the authority to handle the grievances has also been given to the local governments.

He further said that the NRA is looking towards the local governments’ role in forming local reconstruction coordination committees, community committees at each settlement, taking forward the work of developing integrated settlement in recommendation of the local governments and resettling the vulnerable population to the places that the local governments suggest.

Executive Members of the NRA Dr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha, Dhurba Prasad Sharma and Dr, Hariram Parajuli and Joint Secretary Prakash Thapa were also present at the meeting.

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