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NRA-EU tie up for better management

National Reconstruction Authority(NRA) has joined hands with the Delegation of the European Union to better manage its oversight and coordination of the overall reconstruction process.


NRA is being assisted by the Delegation of the European Union – both with budget support, and also technical assistance (TA) provided by the NEARR Facility (Nepal-EU Action for Recovery and Reconstruction). This TA focuses on organisational development, monitoring, evaluation and learning, public finance management, and communication, information-sharing and policy dialogue. Capacity development is gearing NRA up to improved effectiveness and efficiency, and this in turn comes back round to the beneficiaries.


Cooperation bridges

With the newly-elected local governments in place, NRA is now extending its arms and support to the earthquake beneficiaries through theselocal governments. And, the cooperation bridges are being built with the municipalities in the pilot districts of Lamjung and Makwanpur, and the NEARR Facility is in turn building their capacities to improve coordination, cooperation and collaboration for enhancing citizens’ engagement in the reconstruction process.


Joining the dots

With many stakeholders contributing to the reconstruction process, and all of them producing data, many interacting with NRA, structure and focus for these interactions is essential. The EU, as one of the main development partners, has assisted in this dialogue through the NEARR Facility, with a drive towards establishing functional thematic working groups, and streamlining communication channels with the partners. The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) system is not reinventing thewheel butjoining the dots by bringing all the data available together under one system, with one set of M&E instruments, for NRA staff at central and local level to use.


Learning from doing: doing from learning

NRA has embarked upon a process of Organisational Capacity Development, with funding from the EUD, and support provided by the NEARR Facility. Much of this takes place in house, through consultation, and with hands on support and technical advice –NRA is learning by doing. In parallel, NRA is receiving assistance from the Facility in establishing a MEALsystem. This will identify priority areas for organisational performance and show NRA how it can improve in what it does - from what it has learned.


Funds and financial management

NRA has received Euro 90 million budget support from the EUD, which offers the flexibility necessary for NRA to decide in which priority areas of reconstruction it may be used. On top of this, the NRA is supported by the NEARR Facility to develop its financial management systems and capabilities to streamline fund management processes, and stay on top of,and tracking, Government of Nepal, Donors and Development Partners’ contributions.

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