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NRA approves guideline to provide grant to houses reconstructed before deployment of technicians

Kathmandu, July 2 :The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has decided to provide a lump sum amount of Rs. 300,000 to the house owners who reconstructed their private houses, damaged by the earthquake, before the NRA technicians were deployed.


The NRA Executive Meeting held on July 2 approved a guideline on providing the private housing grant to such houses, as per the direction of the NRA Steering Committee to expedite the process.


As per the approved guideline, the local governments have to verify that the house was constructed before the NRA deployed its technicians and that the beneficiary is currently living in the same house.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NRA Sushil Gyewali said the guideline was approved to expedite the work with priority as distribution of lump sum amount to the house owners who had reconstructed the houses before the technicians were deployed had been delayed.


"About 474,000 beneficiaries have already taken their third tranche, 423,000 houses have already been reconstructed and 211,000 houses are in the process of reconstruction," CEO Gyewali said. "We have got data that 12,000 houses were made before the technicians were deployed. There is more data still coming in. We will include that data also and provide them a lump sum grant."


The Executive Committee has also approved the guideline on reconstruction of private houses of single or multi-ownership in heritage settlements. CEO Gyewali said the approval of the guideline will help to advance the work of urban reconstruction with the end of confusion on multi-ownership of property seen mainly in the urban areas.


The meeting has also clarified standards on reconstruction of one-room houses. It says the minimum area of the interior of the one-room house should be 120 square meters and at least separate earthquake-resilient kitchen/room, toilet, verandah, porch should be constructed next to the one-room house.


The meeting has also decided to recommend for grant only if separate earthquake-resilient kitchen/room, toilet and verandah/porch has been constructed in case of already constructed one-room houses, and in case the final tranche has already been recommended the relevant local government will ensure such provision before giving out the certificate of completion of house construction.


"We have clarified the standards of one-room houses as there had been some confusion and misuse in some places in the reconstruction of one-room houses," said CEO Gyewali. "Even the relevant house owner needs to be accountable when reconstructing the house they will live in."


Kitchen room was not included while constructing a one-room house before this. The NRA had made a provision to make one-room house to simplify the process for vulnerable groups.

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