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NRA begins re-survey of ‘missed out’ beneficiaries


Kathmandu, March 30: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has started the re-survey of the beneficiaries who had not been included in the beneficiary list for the government’s private housing reconstruction grant due to various reasons. The re-survey will also address the grievances filed at the NRA.

The NRA began the re-survey on March 29 through the engineers who had recently been deputed at the local governments. Though the NRA had earlier planned to begin the re-survey in the earthquake-affected districts from March 29, the process in few districts would start from April 3, according to Manohar Ghimire, Deputy Spokesperson of the NRA.

“The re-survey began from March 29 in the districts where the engineers have already been trained,” Ghimire said, “In rest of the districts, the training is supposed to be completed by April 2 and the re-survey will start from the very next day.”

The NRA has deployed about 550 engineers at the local governments to conduct the re-survey.

The NRA has made arrangements to ensure that no beneficiary is left out this time by acquiring recommendation and monitoring from the local government representatives. The NRA has requested the local governments to provide necessary support to conduct the re-survey.

For this, the NRA has also conducted a day-long orientation program for chiefs of the local governments and administrative officers. It has also formed a district re-survey committees under the coordination of the Chief of District Coordination Committee in the respective districts.

The NRA has planned to complete the resurvey by April 13.

Earlier, the talks held between the Nepal Engineers’ Association and NRA agreed to provide necessary compensation to the engineers who have been asked to work at the local governments to conduct the re-survey. The engineers had stopped working putting forward various demands. 

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