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Report on urban housing recovery released

A new study report titled ‘Post-Earthquake Urban Housing Recovery in Nepal: Challenges & Recommendations (To contribute towards developing an urban recovery strategy)’ published by the Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (HRRP) and the UR-TWG, in collaboration with CRS-Nepal, NSET, LUMANTI and UKAID was released on May 21.

The report has been prepared with support and guidance from the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) and the NRA’s Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building).

The study consisted of a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods and was conducted in several earthquake-affected districts, starting January 2020.

The study was completed in August 2020 and analysis was carried out, which provided a detailed diagnosis of urban recovery issues and helped identify key issues as major constraints hindering urban recovery such as access to finance and land issues, among others with recommendations.

The study was conducted with support from the NRA, CLPIU-Building, GMaLI, DLPIUs and NRA technical staff, and core UR-TWG members (LUMANTI, NSET, CRS & HRRP).

Involvement and support from national and international urban experts and institutions in-between was instrumental in conducting this research.

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