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More than half a million take third tranche

Kathmandu, November 11: Five hundred thousand 571 earthquake-affected beneficiaries have taken their third tranches until today.

The beneficiaries can acquire third tranche when they almost complete the reconstruction of their houses just before installing the roofs. This number is 66.23 percent of the beneficiaries who have signed agreements for the government’s private housing grant.

As per the data available till today, 472,351 beneficiaries have already completed the reconstruction of earthquake-resilient houses and moved to their new houses. Likewise, another 194,219 beneficiaries have entered the reconstruction process.

Till now, 94 percent of the 816,686 beneficiaries eligible for the housing grant have signed grant agreement while 98.92 percent of the beneficiaries who have signed the agreement have taken their first tranches and 78.99 percent have taken their second tranches.

Deputy Spokesperson of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Manohar Ghimire says the reconstruction has been progressing satisfactorily in the latest months. He believes the number of reconstructed private houses will rapidly increase now, as the rainy season and the festival season has ended, and the house reconstruction season has begun.

The NRA has also requested beneficiaries who have taken first tranche within mid-July of 2018 to take their second tranche by mid-November this year, and the beneficiaries who have taken their second tranche in the same duration to take their third tranches by mid-February, 2020.

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