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70 percent houses under construction or constructed

Almost 70 per cent of the beneficiaries whose houses were damaged by the April 2015 earthquake have either started or completed the reconstruction of their houses.

Of the total 788,015 beneficiaries, 720,742 have signed agreements with the local authorities to receive the government’s private housing grant of Rs. 300,000 as of the statistics available till 28 June 2018. Of the total beneficiaries signing the grant agreement, as many as 306,005 of them have started reconstruction of their damaged houses while 194,731 victims have already completed the reconstruction.

The total number of households either starting or completing reconstruction of their damaged houses accounts to almost 70 per cent of the beneficiaries receiving the housing grant.

In Sindhupalchowk, one of the 14 most affected districts, 73,419 of the total 81,908 households have started rebuilding their houses. Similarly, 64,161 of 66,387 households in Nuwakot; 59,398 of 69,658 households in Dhading; 52,448 of 58,053 in Gorkha; 52, 235 of 60,230 in Dolakha; 43,802 of 66,764 in Kavrepalanchowk; and 38,342 of 43402 in Ramechhap; have started the rebuilding process.

The number of beneficiaries starting the reconstruction of their houses is likely to go up further from next fiscal year as the NRA will expedite the process of releasing grants to the victims who have signed the grant agreement but have not received the grant.

NRA Chief Executive Officer Yuba Raj Bhusal said the decision to set a deadline for collecting the three instalments of the housing grant, availability of enough technical manpower, and better coordination by the local authorities have led to the increase in the number of households starting the reconstruction of their damaged houses. 

The number of households which have signed grant agreement but have yet to start reconstruction is 220,006. Likewise, the NRA is yet to sign the housing grant agreement with 67,273 beneficiaries.    

The government has already announced that the NRA will complete the private housing reconstruction by the end of next fiscal year.

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