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Reconstruction of Ranipokhari nears completion

Kathmandu, August 30: Rani Pokhari Reconstruction Users’ Group said reconstruction of the historical monument was at the final stage of its completion.

Briefing a monitoring team regarding reconstruction progress led by State Minister of Urban Development Rambir Manandhar and comprising Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Bidhya Sundar Shakya yesterday, Committee Chairperson Ajaya Sthapit said the reconstruction works of Rani Pokhari was recently completed and around 15 per cent works of Bal Gopaleswor temple, situated in the middle of the pond, remained to be carried out.

He said the committee was also working on beautification of the pond. “We continued with the reconstruction works by adopting safety measures even during the lockdown imposed by the government to subdue the spread of COVID-19,” Sthapit said.

The temple was designed in Gumbaj style before it was damaged by the 2015 earthquakes. It is now being reconstructed in Mallakalin Granthkut style. Reconstruction of Rani Pokhari is under way by using traditional style, technology and construction materials to reflect the style of the Malla era.

Reconstruction works had begun in March last year after the National Reconstruction Authority decided to construct the historic pond in the middle of the capital through the users’ committee.

According to the NRA, rainwater harvesting will be given the first priority to fill the historic pond.

Rainwater collection has become possible following the construction of the basement of the pond and the surrounding walls.


From The Himalayan Times – August 30, 2020

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