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Relocate vulnerable settlements in Sindhupalchowk: Tamang

Kathmandu, August 17: Chief of District Coordination Committee (DCC) of SIndhupalchowk Krishna Gopal Tamang has stressed on the need to relocate the people living in vulnerable areas after geographic study in all the 12 local governments.

Alternate arrangements need to be made to relocate these people after taking them into confidence, he said, while speaking at an interaction organized at the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) today, in light of the disasters during monsoon in Sindhupalchowk.

“People’s life is very much attached to land and many might not want to leave their ancestral land,” Tamang further said. “But, we need to relocate those living in vulnerable areas by convincing them.”

Expressing grief over the losses occurred during disasters in Sindhupalchowk, Chief Executive Officer of the NRA Sushil Gyewali said that the NRA would coordinate with various agencies and assist in the study of vulnerable areas in Sindhupalchowk after analyzing the studies that were carried out before.

He directed the experts and officials at the NRA to start reviewing the outcome of the previous studies.

He also expressed his belief that resolution of the problems would only be easy if all the local, provincial and federal governments clear their roles and move ahead accordingly.

The DCC of Sindhupalchowk is organizing an interaction with concerned stakeholders, including the people’s representatives, on Thursday to discuss the issue. The experts’ team at the NRA would present a report on the vulnerable areas in the district.

CEO Gyewali said the NRA would assist in the further study after considering the suggestions of the people’s representatives.

The NRA had earlier conducted geological study of 242 areas of Sindhupalchowk in coordination with various agencies, according to Lekh Prasad Bhatta, geologist at the NRA. In the study, 75 places were declared safe to live, 96 places were safe to live after conservation works and 71 places were declared vulnerable areas.

He said the risk was identified in the lower region of Lidi, where a massive landslide swept many houses killing many people, in that study and vulnerable areas could change time to time. That study had declared Lidi as safe place to live after conservation.

DCC chief Tamang said the loss made by landslide should not be politicized and everyone should collectively work towards completing the post-earthquake reconstruction. For this, he said the committee is holding an interaction with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Members of Parliament and the local government representatives.

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