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CEO Gyewali requests people’s representatives to facilitate reconstruction

Dhulikhel, November 25:

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali has requested the people’s representatives to use the authority given to the local governments to make the reconstruction work easier and quicker. 

Speaking at a function about private housing reconstruction organized in Dhulikhel of Kavre, CEO Gyewali requested to use the authorities given by the constitution and policies, regulations and guidelines on reconstruction and advance the private housing and other reconstruction works.

“We have provided all possible authorities on reconstruction to the local governments in the course of implementing federalism,” said Gyewali. “We can work together with the local governments, solve the problems about reconstruction that have surfaced and complete private housing reconstruction within the current fiscal year.”

The  Steering Committee meeting of the NRA on September 6 had decided to give responsibility of private housing reconstruction to the local governments for the effective reconstruction. After that, the Authority has already decided to engage the local governments in the development of unified settlements with up to 99 households, grievance hearing, mobilization of engineers at the local governments in resurvey, and monastery reconstruction, among others.

CEO Gyewali pledged policy, source management, technical support and requested the people’s representatives to take the ownership and advance the reconstruction works.
So far, 77 percent of the people who have signed the agreement for the government’s private housing grant has already started reconstruction while 43 percent of them has already completed rebuilding their houses.

The NRA is preparing to send more human resources to the local governments to complete the private housing reconstruction within the current fiscal year by expediting the under-construction houses and to encourage the house construction that are yet start.

According to CEO Gyewali, the NRA will send a senior engineer to every local government for recommending for private housing grant. They will also support in capacity building of engineers and technicians who are already at the local level. Likewise, a social mobilizer will be sent to every local government who will also support in coordination on reconstruction work and on livelihood.

Besides, the NRA is preparing to deploy mobile masons in various places to further support the private housing reconstruction. CEO Gyewali said, “The mobile masons will help the under-reconstruction houses safer and stronger.”

He said, there had been grievances that engineers were not present at some of the local governments and that the elected people’s representatives tried to influence them to approve houses that have not met the construction guidelines. He warned that action would be taken against engineers who are not found in the place they are deployed at. Likewise, he requested the elected representatives to work in such a way that every one would be reached in the grievance hearing and resurvey and not to recommend people who are not eligible for the grant. 

CEO Gyewali also requested the people’s representatives to encourage the earthquake survivors to utilize the subsidized loans provided by the government to build houses and and for their livelihood.

He also requested the local representatives to help in developing at least one integrated settlement at each local level, establishing community reconstruction committees at the local level and provide support to the old and disabled in rebuilding their houses. He also requested them to make the District Coordination Committee more active in monitoring the reconstruction works.
Member of Provincial Assembly of Province No. 3 Basundhara Humangain said the elected representatives should work in impartial way and that the NRA should approve the names recommended by the local governments that were missing in the grantee list before.

Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Raut said most of the earthquake survivors living in the village had completed house reconstruction, but there was problem with earthquake survivors not living in the districts or in places where the whole settlement needed to be shifted.

Chief of the District Coordination Committee Uddhav KC expressed his opinion that all sections must coordinate and work together to solve problems on reconstruction.

Chairperson of Mahabharat Rural Municipality Kanchha Lal Dimma said reconstruction work can be done quicker if technicians are sent to the rural municipalities, if they are not transferred without recommendation of the rural municipality and if their payments are sent to the rural municipalities. 

Chairperson of Temal Rural Municipality Salam Singh Tamang requested NRA to survey the landslide above the settlement of 68 households in ward no 4 of his municipality. 

Mayor of Mandan Deupur Municipality Tok Bahadur Waiba said that there were 75 landless beneficiaries in his municipalities and expressed his opinion that it is necessary to try to construct their houses as quickly as possible. 

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