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UNDP's statement for NRA's March 2018 newsletter

Renaud Meyer

Country Director, UNDP


The reconstruction process initiated under the leadership of the National Reconstruction Authority represents a massive undertaking given the terrible destruction and damages caused by the 2015 earthquakes.


Despite the many challenges both on the ground and related to the political scenario post-earthquake as well as the climate and topography of Nepal, the pace of reconstruction has reached a very encouraging level for the past months, particularly for the reconstruction of private housing, schools and health centers.


With the support and encouragement of its development partners, the efforts by the NRA to undertake a sustainable and inclusive recovery integrating infrastructure with livelihoods and public service delivery restoration are acknowledged and deserve credit.


Going forward, it appears important that the NRA focuses on ground-level monitoring and on addressing remaining implementation challenges and grievances; continues its facilitation of resilient reconstruction in close partnership with PIUs, MOHA and NPC; provides support to the newly elected Local Governments with technical capacity and resources for them to take a proactive role in the reconstruction; and continues to feed learning from the reconstruction process to strengthen Nepal’s disaster preparedness and recovery readiness towards future risks. UNDP remains fully committed to providing assistance to these efforts.

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