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Retrofitting of western facade of Singha Durbar begins

Kathmandu, October 23: The retrofitting works have begun in the western facade of Singha Durbar which was damaged in the April 2015 earthquake.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali said the retrofitting of Singha Durbar has started ensuring that the archeological value and identity of the heritage would be preserved.

"Some heritage experts had advised to preserve Singha Durbar only for its historical value by retrofitting it, but we are taking an extra mile to retrofit it in a safe and strong manner so that it can also be utilized for events and works of national importance," said CEO Gyewali. "That's one reason why it took a while to begin the retrofitting of the western facade of Singha Durbar."

The Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) of the NRA and Sharma-Gauri Parvati-New Technical JV had signed a construction contract a week ago for the retrofitting.

The JV has secured the contract worth Rs. 417 million and 900 thousand exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Meanwhile, the retrofitting work is going on in the northern, eastern, and southern facades of Singha Durbar for the past 15 months. About 70 percent of the retrofitting work has been completed in these facades, according to the construction contractor.

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