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Agitating NRA technicians return to work

Kathmandu, June 27: The agitating technicians who have been working under the Central Level Project Implementation Unit (CLPIU-Building) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) have agreed to return to their respective working areas immediately.

After the talks held today at the NRA office, engineers agreed to get back to work after receiving assurances of receiving communication, transportation and local allowances and provide them necessary training to enhance skill. It was also agreed that the CLPIU-Building would take initiative to manage them in various government agencies.

Project Director of the CLPIU-Building Shyam Kishor Singh and Abinash Amar on behalf of agitating technicians signed the agreement in the presence of Chief Executive Officer of the NRA Sushil Gyewali.

After the agreement, Amar expressed happiness for fulfilling all their demands and expressed commitment to return to their respective working areas and try to complete the reconstruction of as many houses as possible by the end of this fiscal year.

The following agreements have reached between the NRA and the agitating technicians:

  1. As engineer Raja Shah had died while working under the District Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) in Okhaldhunga, the CLPIU-Building is to take initiative to provide his family with life insurance amount.
  2. Details of staffs, including technicians, social mobilizers and masons, working under the NRA at various times will be included in roster with details of their experiences and put up on the website. The NRA would send this roster to other agencies for future reference.
  3. The communication, transportation and local allowances entitled for technicians would be made available from mid-July of current fiscal year 2020/21.
  4. The NRA to organize ‘refresher training’ to the technicians working under CLPIUs Building, Education and GeMALI necessary for them to work elsewhere in future.
  5. The NRA to take initiative to accommodate these technicians while implementing the government’s 10-year campaign on resilient Nepal. It will also take initiative to accommodate in other agencies.
  6. The technicians under the NRA to end all their agitations and return to regular work. Their resignations to be disapproved and provide them remuneration and other allowances of this month as well.
  7. The NRA to coordinate with the government to identify engineers, also from outside NRA, to mobilize them in the government’s aim to meet the objective of ‘Prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali’.  ​​​​​​​

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