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NRA and local governments in Kavre sign 11-point agreement


Dhulikhel, November 26: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) and the local governments in Kavrepalanchok district have signed an 11-point agreement to speed up the post-earthquake reconstruction and ensure its timely completion.

Loknath Regmi, Kavre project chief of the District Level Project Implementation Unit (Grants Management and Local Infrastructure - GMALI) on behalf of the NRA and Mayors/Deputy Mayors or Chairpersons/Deputy Chairpersons on behalf of respective Municipalities/Rural Municipalities signed the agreement for coordination and cooperation in reconstruction work amidst a function held here today.  

The agreement paper on reconstruction between the NRA and the local governments in Kavre is the following:

National Reconstruction Authority (referred to as Authority after this) and .................. Municipality/Rural Municipality (referred to as Municipality/Rural Municipality after this) have signed this agreement on coordination and collaboration on reconstruction works to be executed to be governed within the limits of the following terms and conditions. 

1. The Authority will deploy engineers, sub-engineers, assistant sub-engineers and masons as required in the Municipality/Rural Municipality. The Municipality/Rural Municipality will have the responsibility of all the administrative activities, including deploying the human resources from the Authority in reconstruction work and keeping their attendance records. The Municipality/Rural Municipality will deploy the human resources in the Wards within the Municipality/Rural Municipality as required. The District Level Project Implementation Unit (DLPIU) will pay their salary and perks based on the attendance records approved by the Mayor/Chairperson and Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality/Rural Municipality at the recommendation of the respective Ward chairpersons. 

2. The Authority can send other personnel/experts other than the ones mentioned in point no. 1 as required and based on the justification to the Municipality/Rural Municipality. The service, terms and job responsibilities of the personnel deployed this way will be as determined at the time of the appointment or contract. 

3. The Municipality/Rural Municipality should use the the human resources deployed from the Authority in reconstruction work only. 

4. The Municipality/Rural Municipality should manage workstation and furniture required for the human resources deployed at the Municipality/Rural Municipality from the Authority. The Authority will provide and transfer a block grant with conditions to spend as logistics cost to the Municipality/Rural Municipality.

5. The Municipality/Rural Municipality should create the required environment for the personnel deployed at the Municipality/Rural Municipality to carry out their duties on highest moral grounds. They should not be forced to take decisions based on social and political prejudice at any cost and an environment to work impartially should be created. 

6. The Authority can arrange a provision to transfer stipulated budget for local infrastructure projects such as monasteries, unified settlements with conditions to the Municipality/Rural Municipality. The Municipality/Rural Municipality should complete the projects stipulated to be executed by the Municipality/Rural Municipality as determined by the Authority and settle them. 

7. The Municipality/Rural Municipality will prepare and execute local reconstruction action plans in cooperation and coordination with the Authority. The Authority will provide necessary support on this.  

8. If personnel deployed at the Municipality/Rural Municipality are found working against the code of ethics, the Municipality/Rural Municipality will recommend for action against them to the Authority’s DLPIU. The DLPIU will proceed with the action. 

9. In cases where the Municipality/Rural Municipality should have digitized from the technicians after the grant agreement with the beneficiaries, but have not digitized, the Municipality/Rural Municipality should have the technicians digitize, and recommend or have recommendations for inspection based on that.  

10. The statistics, records and documents on private housing construction will be gradually handed over from the Authority to the Municipality/Rural Municipality. In doing the handover this way, the Authority will provide necessary technology, human resources and equipment to the Municipality/Rural Municipality. 

11. In case of any complexities or problems in the course of executing reconstruction works, the Authority and the Municipality/Rural Municipality will resolve it in mutual understanding and proceed with the work. 

Signed by                                                                                         Signed by

On behalf of the Authority                                                                  On behalf of the Municipality/Rural Municipality

Signature:                                                                                        Signature:
Name: Loknath Regmi                                                                       Name: 
Designation: Project Chief                                                                  Designation:
Office: District Project Implementation Unit (GMaLI), Kavrepalanchok     Office:
Date: November 26 2018(2075/08/10) Date: November 26, 2018 (2075/08/10)     
1) Chief, District Coordination Committee, Kavrepalanchowk
2) Chief District Officer, Kavrepalanchowk
3) Chief, District Level Project Implementation Unit (Buildings)
4) Chief, District Level Project Implementation Unit (Education)

Confidence that reconstruction work will speed up 
Chief Executive Officer of the NRA Sushil Gyewali has expressed confidence that the agreement on reconstruction with the local governments will expedite the reconstruction work and help complete reconstruction on time. He said the similar agreements would be signed with other local governments in the earthquake-affected districts as well. 

Member of Provincial Assembly of Province No. 3 Laxman Lamsal said the agreement would help make the remaining reconstruction work exemplary. 

Mayor of Mandan Deupur Municipality Tok Bahadur Waiba expressed commitment to follow the agreement word-for-word and advance the remaining reconstruction work.

Chairperson of Mahabharat Rural Municipality Kanchha Lal Dimma commented that the agreement was a milestone for reconstruction. “The agreement will play an important role to construct private housing by mid-July (end of running fiscal year) next year,” he said.

At the two-day program on reconstruction of private housing, the local governments also made their respective action plans to complete the reconstruction of private housing by the end of the current fiscal year.

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