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Number of beneficiaries increasing from grievance hearing


The NRA Executive Committee has analyzed the data of the recent resurvey in 14 most affected districts and sorted out 118,780 grievances. 

As per the data compiled till September 16, 42,422 applicants have been added to the list of those eligible for the government’s private housing grant of Rs. 300,000, according to Manohar Ghimire, deputy spokesperson of the NRA.

And 35,505 households have been listed as the beneficiaries eligible to receive the government grant to retrofit their houses. Out of the total grievances, 28,574 applicants have been found ineligible to receive the government grant.
“The data of the remaining applicants have been sent to the local levels for further verification,” said Ghimire. “The remaining grievances are being studied by the technicians at the NRA.”

The NRA had collected 129,408 grievances last year by deploying technical engineers in the field to conduct a resurvey.

Likewise, the NRA has added 263 applicants to the reconstruction beneficiary list and 1,395 applicants to the retrofitting beneficiary list in the 16 least affected districts. 

Similarly, it has also decided for field verification of 3,617 applicants and to verify from the chief administrative officer of the local level whether the other 220 people have a livable house elsewhere or not. 

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