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Students elated to have new school building

After the construction of a 16-room building with all the amenities, the students of a Makwanpur school are happily studying in concrete reinforced building.

Makwanpur - Students of Mahendra Secondary School in Bhimphedi Rural Municipality of Makwanpur district have moved to a concrete reinforced building after spending three years in temporary shelters, suffering from sun, rain and cold winds. 

The school in Ward no. 6 of the rural municipality has 575 students. All these students were visibly happy to have moved to the new school building to attend their classes.

The old school building had been totally damaged by the aftershock of May 12, 2015. The two-storey 12-room school building constructed in 1982 had not fallen down in even in 1934 and 2015 earthquakes. The May 12 aftershock ruptured it and it fell down. After the school building collapsed, students from nursery to grade 12 of the school had been studying in huts. Students of three classes were kept in a long single hut.

After the construction of the 16-room building with all the amenities with Rs. 40 million support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), students are now happily studying in the concrete reinforced building. The school building is earthquake-resilient and is also disabled-friendly. 

When the previous school building collapsed, students were studying in hut roofed with corrugated steel and walled with bamboo staves. Headmaster Ramji Yadav said the construction of concrete reinforced building has liberated them from the plight of studying in the huts.  

Engineer of District Level Project Implementation Unit (DLPIU-Education) Sanjeev Pudasaini informed that seven school buildings, including the oldest school in the district Mahendra Secondary School, have been reconstructed at the cost of about Rs. 200 million provided by the JICA. 

Mahendra Secondary School was established in 1947/48. The JICA has provided financial support to rebuild 34 school buildings. It has already started reconstruction of 34 school buildings including 11 schools in Hetauda Sub-metropolitan city, six in Thaha Municipality, three in Bhimphedi Rural Municipality, three in Bakaiya Rural Municipality, and other schools in Indra Sarowar, Makwanpurgadhi, Bagmati, Manahari and Raksirang rural municipalities.

The reconstruction of 110 school buildings has started in Makwanpur in the first phase. The NRA’s DLPIU (Education) has completed reconstruction of 136 school buildings in 2016/17 and 2017/18. A total of 550 classrooms are ready in those buildings. The DLPIU is constructing 65 school buildings in the current fiscal year.  

One hundred and fifty five school buildings, including governmental and non-governmental, have already been constructed in Makwanpur district so far. There are 550 classrooms in those schools. The JICA has been reconstructing 41 school buildings through Central Level Project Implementation Unit in Makwanpur district. Of them, construction of seven school buildings has been completed.

Plan Nepal has also started reconstruction of five school buildings. Of these, construction of two school buildings has completed and three are under-construction. A non-governmental organization named Esther Benjamin had also taken responsibility of constructing 10 school buildings. Of these, it has reconstructed seven buildings and three are under-construction. The Indian Embassy too has completed the construction of two school buildings among the three it had taken responsibility of. The construction of the remaining one is in final stage.

By Pratap Bista in Kantipur - September 26, 2018

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