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Dharahara reconstruction continues

Reconstruction of Dharahara, which fell during the 2015 earthquake, has been going on despite the lockdown.

Construction of the heritage site started at a steady phase. Due to the lockdown, more than 50 percent of workers are stuck in their hometowns while the construction is underway with the available 40-42 workers living in the capital for the completion of the foundation. The workers are made to follow precautionary measures to avoid any contamination and are inspected stringently before they are allowed to work in the site.

Heritage Expert Raju Man Manandhar, who works for the National Reconstruction Authority, had claimed that the project will be completed within two years. Workers can be seen at the construction site during lockdown using sanitizers and being checked with thermal gun as they enter and exit.

The Dharahara Reconstruction Project covers an area of 22 ropani, for which the NRA had acquired around 15 ropani of land of the General Post Office, an additional three of Sundhara, and few other plots owned by Guthi Sansthan.

The new Dharahara will be constructed as per its original style, approximately 22 storied tall with two elevators.

Reconstruction of Dharahara began after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, in December last year, laid the foundation stone for the 18th-century monument. Dharahara is being reconstructed at an estimated cost of Rs 3.48 billion, of which Rs 750 million has already been invested so far, as per NRA.


By Rajesh Gurung in The Himalayan Times - May 29, 2020

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