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NRA staffs to continue working till end of NRA tenure

Kathmandu, July 15: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has recommended to keep the human resources currently working in the reconstruction works till the end of NRA tenure.

The meeting of the NRA Executive Committee held today decided to give continuity to the existing human resources to carry out the remaining works of reconstruction, including rebuilding private houses, as the lockdown due to pandemic obstruction its work.

The NRA Steering Committee meeting held on June 24 had decided to keep intact the institutional structure and working procedure of the NRA until December 25 when the NRA tenure expires.

The NRA has revised its work schedule to keep minimum human resources and complete the remaining construction works by December 15 and take the handing over process side by side.

As per the data till the end of this fiscal year 2077/78 that ended today, 828,752 beneficiaries out of 829,612 beneficiaries has received the first installment of the government grant to rebuild their houses which is 99.9 percent. Only 860 beneficiaries who have signed the agreement are yet to receive the first installment.

Similary, 741,995 beneficiaries (89.4 percent) have received the second installment and 689,547 beneficiaries (83.1 percent) have received the third and final installment.

Like this, out of those who have signed the grant agreement 757,581 beneficiaries (91.3 percent) have either completed rebuilding their houses or are currently under-construction.

The NRA has spent Rs. 21.56 billion out of Rs. 23.85 allocated for this fiscal year 2077/78 in private housing reconstruction which is 90.4 percent. Similarly, out of the total budget Rs. 69.33 billion allocated for the reconstruction, it has spent Rs. 53 billion. Like this, the NRA has made 76.4 percent fiscal progress in this fiscal year in total reconstruction works.

Despite the obstruction by lockdown due to pandemic, the NRA made a significant progress in this fiscal year, says Manohar Ghimire, Deputy Spokesperson of the NRA.

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