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Deadline extended for grant disbursement

Kathmandu, November 27: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has extended the deadline for the private housing grant disbursement providing fresh opportunities to the earthquake beneficiairies who have yet to rebuild their houses. The NRA has given a new opportunity to those who have signed agreements for the grant and to those who are yet to receive the first two grants.

The NRA Executive Committee meeting held today decided to give this opportunity on the condition that the concerned beneficiary guarantees reconstruction of their houses and brings recommendation from the local government.

The beneficiaries who have not signed the grant agreement till July 6 and those who have not started reconstruction till mid-July can now apply for receiving the grant after the concerned local government recommends to the District Level Project Implementation Unit (Grant Management and Local Infrastructure - GMaLI) and the latter present its report to the District Reconstruction Coordination Committee (DRCC). The DRCC can then decide on providing the grant after receiving the commitment from the beneficiaries to rebuild their houses.

The beneficiaries registered in the list from this process can receive the first tranche of the grant (Rs. 50,000) by mid-January 2020 and the second tranche by mid-February 2020.

The NRA had earlier set the deadline to receive the second tranche by mid-November.

Chief Executive Officer of the NRA Sushil Gyewali said the deadline has been extended upon requests from the parliamentarians, local government representatives and the beneficiaries of the earthquake-affected districts.

As per the new deadline set by the NRA, beneficiaries of integrated settlement, those needed to be resettled, landless beneficiaries, those living in vulnerable areas, beneficiaries in the Kathmandu Valley and those who would be registered after the latest re-survey will now be registered in the grant list by mid-January 2020. After registration, these beneficiaries will have to receive the first tranche by mid-February, second tranche by mid-May and the third tranche by mid-mid-July 2020.

The NRA Executive Committee has also set the deadline of mid-July 2020 for the retrofitting beneficiaries to receive the last tranche of the government grant.

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