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Deadline extended for re-survey of beneficiaries


Kathmandu, May 9: The deadline for the re-survey of missed-out beneficiaries has been extended till mid-June.

Previously, the re-survey was planned to be completed by mid-May after it started at the end of March.

Deputy Spokesperson of the NRA Manohar Ghimire said that the deadline has been extended since the on-site details collection work could not begin in all the districts on time due to unavoidable reasons.

He also requested all those registering grievances to make sure that their details are provided within the specified time period to the technicians deployed in their respective areas.

Currently, the re-survey is being conducted in all the districts and the details of 7.000 beneficiaries have been received at the central information system.

The NRA has deployed 550 engineers at the local level to collectdetails of those beneficiaries who have been left out due to various reasons in previous surveys.

The NRA has also requested the local government officials to provide support in collecting factual details of real victims and not to include those who have alternate housing options.

It has also informed that if recommendations for non-victims are found, then action will be taken against those making the recommendations. 

The re-survey is being carried out only for those who had already registered for listing as private house reconstruction beneficiaries but were missed out while addressing the grievances hearing process and those who were specified as requiring additional verification.

Similarly, those whose details were not collected in the previous survey of 2016 and those filing new grievances at the local level will be also included in the latest re-survey.

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