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Deadline extended for receiving grant

Kathmandu, March 11: In response to requests and recommendations of beneficiaries and people’s representatives, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has extended the deadline for receiving grants for reconstruction and retrofitting of private houses.

According to the new deadline, the beneficiaries according to the ‘missed out’ and re-survey 2075/076,  and landless and at-risk beneficiaries as declared by the NRA after Mangsir 2076 BS (mid-December 2019), should enter an agreement and receive their first instalment before the end of Chaitra 2076 (mid-April 2020).

The beneficiaries thus created and the beneficiaries who have received the first instalment within mid-February 2020 should take their second instalment within mid-July 2020.

The deadline for receiving the third and last instalment for private house reconstruction by all the beneficiaries has been set as mid-December 2020.

The earthquake-affected reconstruction beneficiaries receive a grant of Rs. 300,000 in three instalment for their private houses and the retrofitting beneficiaries receive Rs. 100,000 in two instalments for retrofitting of their partially damaged houses.

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