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Significant progress made in post-earthquake reconstruction

Kathmandu, August 3: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) held a meeting today to review the post-earthquake reconstruction works carried out in the fiscal year 2076/77 and held discussions on the progress, problems and the learning during the period.

In the last fiscal year, 21,981 beneficiaries signed the agreement for the government grant of Rs. 300,000 to rebuild their houses out of which 21,037 received the first tranche Rs. 50,000. During the period, 102,946 beneficiaries received the second tranche of Rs. 150,000 while 145,129 received the third and final tranche of Rs. 100,000.

During the period, 70,196 beneficiaries began reconstruction and 89,377 beneficiaries completed construction.

Similarly, 32,717 beneficiaries were identified to receive the government grant of Rs. 100,000 to retrofit their houses and 32,607 have signed the agreement. Out of them, 312 beneficiaries have received the first tranche.

In the last fiscal year, the NRA completed the hearing and cleared all the grievances registered at the Authority through various offices. Altogether, 634,973 grievances were cleared.

The completed construction works during the period were 918 schools, 33 health posts, 73 heritage sites, 44 government buildings and 24 buildings of the security sector.

The NRA made a significant progress in the construction of Dharahara and Ranipokhari that have been implemented directly by the Authority. Constructing the basement of Ranipokhari with black soil and building the wall to hold water has been completed while 80 percent of the works in building Balgopaleswar temple, bridge leading to the temple and other beautification works has also been completed during the period. The construction of the 10th floor of Dharahara has completed.

There has been a significant progress in retrofitting Singha Durbar also. Electrification work is currently undergoing in the eastern, northern and southern facades after the completing of retrofitting while 25 percent of retrofitting works on the western façade has completed.

During the same period, the NRA Advisory Council and Steering Committee meet once each while the Executive Committee held 14 meetings, from meeting no. 120 to 133.

One of the major problems identified in the last fiscal year was the advent of corona pandemic which hampered and delayed many construction works. Though some budget was left to be utilized, it could not be re-allocated in the new fiscal year. The NRA realized that reconstruction process in the urban areas has not been satisfactory and identified the lack of land as a problem in rebuilding some schools.

The review meeting also held discussions on encouraging the beneficiaries who are yet to start rebuilding to rebuild their houses, recover the grant amount from those who have not rebuild their houses despite receiving the grant and remove those beneficiaries who are not willing to rebuild their houses.

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