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NRA organizes public hearing in Melamchi


Melamchi, March 02

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) interacted face-to-face with beneficiaries and elected representatives of Melamchi Municipality in a public hearing.

At the hearing organized in Melamchi Bazaar of Melamchi Municipality–11, CEO Gyewali said none of the survivors whose house got damaged in the earthquake will be deprived of the grant.

Talking about the remaining grievance handling, he said the re-survey of the left outs would start by the end of March, and the NRA would take decisions on the basis of recommendations - verified by the municipality -  provided by grievance hearing committees at ward level.

For beneficiaries unable to build house due to financial shortage even after taking the first tranche, he said there is a provision for interest-subsidized credit, and if any bank refuses to provide such credit despite furnishing all required documents, he requested to inform the NRA.

For the houses built before the technicians arrived, he said the accurate details of such houses   were being collected and if they have not completed the standards, he appealed those beneficiaries to improve according to the technician’s advice.

Before this, he also informed that budget would be provided for gender segregated toilets and drinking water facilities in schools constructed and to be constructed under the reconstruction schemes.

Chief Administrative Officer of Melamchi Municipality Devi Prasad Thapaliya informed that there are 13,364 beneficiaries in the municipality and 915 grievances are yet to be addressed.

Likewise, chairperson of Ward No. 13 Rudra Prasad Dulal and Chairperson of Ward No. 6 Jeetraj Thapa of Melamchi Municipality requested the NRA to pay attention to the relocation of some houses that are in vulnerable places. 

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