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113,000 complaints addressed, rest to be concluded by mid-January

Kathmandu, December 29: The past two meetings of the Executive Committee of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), held on December 27 and 29, have decided to add 7,494 beneficiaries. These beneficiaries from different districts have been added after the analysis of inventory collected during the re-survey

Similarly, the NRA has added 3,076 beneficiaries for retrofitting and has decided that 52,998 complainers will be non-beneficiaries.

Before this, the Executive Committee meeting held in November had addressed 42,742 complaints, adding 4,644 beneficiaries for receiving the government grant for reconstructing their houses. Also, 2,609 had been added as retrofitting beneficiaries.

Deputy Spokesperson of the NRA Manohar Ghimire informed that out of 189,000 inventories collected in the re-survey, 113,043 have already been decided until now.

“The engineers deployed at the NRA are analyzing the remaining complaints," he said. "We will conclude all the complaints by mid-January.”

The earthquake affected households declared as beneficiaries will receive Rs. 50,000 as first installment after they sign an agreement through their concerned Ward. And, they will receive Rs. 250,000 more after they start reconstructing their houses.

The households which are declared as beneficiaries will have to enter the grant agreement and receive their first installment within Magh (mid-February 2020). Similarly, they should receive the second installment within Baishakh 2077 (mid-April 2020) and the third installment within Asar 2077 (mid-June 2020).


Addressed complaints – 113,043

Reconstruction beneficiaries – 12,548

Retrofitting beneficiaries – 5,685

Non-beneficiaries – 88,077 

Others (already declared as beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries) – 6,733

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