The main objectives of the International Conference are as follows:

  • To share Nepal’s experiences on emergency response and reconstruction
  • To learn global experiences and good practices in earthquake risk reduction and management processes;
  • To capture key recommendations for disaster risk management, and develop consensus on the need, possibilities, and means of disaster risk management in the country; 
  • To create an environment for streamlining disaster-related best practices in the development process

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of earthquake risks amongst different stakeholders through interaction with relevant experts;
  • Enhanced networking among experts and institutions of Nepal and other countries;
  • Contribution to the body of knowledge on disaster risk management;
  • Additional commitments from the Government of Nepal and from other stakeholders and interested donor agencies, to work towards Earthquake Risk Reduction and Management

Conference Participants

The intended participants will include but not be limited to: researchers, academics, technical specialists, practitioners, leaders of international humanitarian and development organisations, government officials, donors and development partner representatives, and civil society representatives, operating in Nepal, regionally and globally. The intention is to include a wide range of stakeholders in order to fully capture and share learning from all views and findings of relevant themes related to the 2015 earthquake.