Conference Secretariat

The conference secretariat is responsible for the organizational and administrative arrangements for the conference. The secretariat will support the design of programme and business sessions, requisition of research papers, provide timely documentary support and assist with logistical arrangements.

The secretariat reports to and executes the guidelines and directives of the organizing committee, coordinates and collaborates with all conference stakeholders, manages its own office and functions, and supports the thematic working groups and task-forces in their activities.

The secretariat can decide on its own working modality, style, and functioning, holding its own meetings in relation to need and priority. The secretariat consists of the following personnel:

1. Head of Secretariat: Executive Committee Member, NRA

2. Member:  Joint Secretary, NRA

3. Member: Director, One from among the Development Partners

4. Member: Director, One from among the Partner Organizations

5. Member: Chief Accountant, NRA

6. Member Secretary: Under Secretary, NRA