LivER Meeting Minute| Gorkha - 2017-10-13

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Action Points:           

  • Introduction and welcome.
  • Partners Livelihoods progress and planning in the district.
  • Livelihoods recovery intervention partners’ mapping.
  • AOB.

Decision/ Action Points:

  • All partner agencies are requested to coordinate and communicate their activities with the respective line agencies DLSO, DADO, CSIDB. 
  • Partner agencies should give priority to vulnerable community and spread government messages and support the community. 
  • Partner agencies to provide updated 5W mapping by 25th October, 2017 to UNDP.

LWG Meeting Minute Sindhupalchok | 2017-10-16

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o    District Agriculture Development Alliance’s’ Activities Update from DADO Chief o            Livelihoods Working Group Presentation and Update from UNDP Recovery and Resilience Unit

o    Discussion on 37th World Food Security Day and its commemoration. Slogan- “Change the future of migration. Invest in Food

Security and Rural development”

o    AOB

Action Points/Follow-Up o          Circulation of 4Ws template of 

Talk Program on Resilient Livelihoods

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Resilient Livelihoods Talk Program

National Reconstruction Authority organized a talk program on resilient livelihoods to interact with multiple stakeholders on different dimensions of livelihoods recovery. Five presentations on various aspects of livelihoods were made during the program; the presentations were followed by interactions.

The program was moderated by NRA executive member Dr. Bishnu Bhandari and participated by the representatives of Government bodies, UN agencies, I/NGOs and the private sector.

Assessment of Impact of Earthquake in Agriculture Sector, Sindhupalchok

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AssessmentUnder the leadership of District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), assessment of the losses and damages in the agriculture, livestock and small irrigation sector due to the 2015 April 25 and its aftershocks has been carried out with the technical support from UNDP.
The assessment found that the agriculture, livestock and small irrigation sector has experienced a total of 9 billion 843 million 885 thousand 8 hundred 10 Nepali rupees worth loss due to the earthquake. Furthermore, 52% of the loss amount is because of the damages caused in cattle-sheds. Likewise, damages in agricultural lands, loss of livestock, damages in small irrigation facilities and loss of corps are other headings under which significant amount of loss amounts are reported.

Livelihoods Orientation and Grievance Handling Interaction Program

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27 January, Kavrepalanchok: NRA district office organized Livelihoods Orientation and Grievance Handling Interaction program with the objective of holding an interaction on the livelihoods initiatives and grievance handling mechanism.

Revival of Milk Collection Center

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Milk Collection CenterBefore April 2016 earthquake, Pashupati Milk Production Cooperative’s milk collection center in Sangachok, Sindhupalchok used to collect 250 liters of milk every day from 168 farmers. The collected milk was sold to dairy companies, and the money received was one of the major income sources for the farmers. 

Changed Landscape of Kunchok VDC : Safe Demolition & Debris Management

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It was a great tragedy for Shree Mahendra Higher Secondary School in Kunchok VDC of Sindhupalchok district by April 2015 Earthquake. The buildings in the school premises collapsed. It was Saturday afternoon and School was closed; even though it lost 13 of its students who were in their homes.

Detail report of the case study is available for download.

Community Engagement on the Revival of Livelihood and Community Infrastructure

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Lalkumari Sindhupalchok KarthaliLal Kumari Raut, 50 years old woman from the Karthali VDC of Sindhupalchok district, is one of the victims among many others from the massive Earthquake (7.8 Rector Scale) in April 2015 and its aftershocks . Before the earthquake, Tomato farming was the means of livelihood for her family; which was shattered by earthquake. After the Earthquake, her Tomato field got replaced by temporary shelters, not only for her but also for her neighbors, as almost all houses of the VDC collapsed in the Earthquake.


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