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Reconstruction Update

पुनर्निर्माण प्रगति

Private Housing Grant Distribution
Total Household Surveyed 1037291
Household Surveyed in 14 Highly Affected Districts 866060
Household Surveyed in 18 Least Affected Districts 171231
Eligible for Housing Grants 866207
Retrofitting Beneficiaries Identified 47745
Agreement Signed with Beneficiaries 827340
First Tranche Received 827478
Second Tranche Received 741031
Third Tranche Received 694565
Private Housing Reconstruction
Houses Constructed 653467
Houses Under Construction 775982
Grievance Management
Grievance Registered 634973
Grievnce Reviewed 634973
Grievnce Redressed 634973
Reconstruction Beneficiary From Grievance 106465
Retrofitting Beneficiary From Grievance 67681
Non Beneficiary From Grievance 264267
Human Resource
Mason, Carpainter, Plumber,.. etc Training 70127